finat award label competition

Six award-winning CARINI labels at the international FINAT Label Awards

The outstanding expertise of the leading Austrian label manufacturer CARINI has been honoured by the international association for the self-adhesive label industry yet again – and this year, CARINI has received no less than six awards. The FINAT Label Awards were presented virtually in an online awards ceremony held on 26 November 2020.

The annual FINAT competition rewards outstanding achievements in the field of end-use applications and marketing as well as print and finishing quality. Once again, CARINI impressively demonstrated all of the things that can be achieved today using the latest technology with the labels it submitted to the competition.

Amstutz Apfel Edelbrand – Winner in Group E, “Digital Printing”
This 4-colour, digitally printed label is a thing of true beauty for Amstutz Manufaktur from Rothenburg in Switzerland and its customers: using micro-embossing, bronze hot-foil embossing and high-precision 3D screen printing, the image of the apple can be enjoyed in three dimensions. Even the finest details, like the stalk or the small veins in the leaves can be clearly seen – a real eye-catcher at any point of sale. The CARINI label for the red wine viró produced by Weinkellereien Aarau in Switzerland also received a recognition award in the “Digital Printing” category.

Connect Four: Series of recognition awards for CARINI in Group A, “Marketing/End-Uses”
One of CARINI’s own creations – the sophisticated two-colour, offset printed Moonshiner label – was honoured in this category. For this small masterpiece, the Lustenau-based specialists took full advantage of the capabilities of lens insetting using their flatbed embossing system and refined it with other attractive tactile and visual features, such as micro/nano-embossing, flat/relief cutting, blind embossing and a golden hot foil, which also catches the eye. The other CARINI labels that received recognition awards in Group A are “Pilgrim” for Brauerei Kloster Fischingen, “Gedanken-Spiel” for the German Markgräflich Badische Weinhaus and “Cuvée 1487” for Weingut ZANTHO in Burgenland.